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Gel Polish-Natural / Colour (light cured): R265

Gel Polish-French (light cured): R295

Natural Colour Overlay (natural, acrylic or gel): R370

Overlay + Gel Polish (acrylic or gel): R410

French / Ombre Overlay (acrylic or gel): R415

Natural / Colour / French Tips (acrylic or gel): R425

Tips + Gel Polish (with gel polish): R490

Sculptured or Stiletto Tips (acrylic or gel): R510

Nail Polish + Art

Buff + Polish (clear or colour): R160

Nail Art Basic
(per nail): R10

Nail Art Designer
(per nail): R25

Fills + Maintenance

Two Week Fill (acrylic or gel): R295

Two Week French Back Fill
(acrylic or gel): R360

Three Week Fill
(acrylic or gel): R315

Three Week French Back Fill
(acrylic or gel): R385

Two / Three Week Fill + Gel Polish
(acrylic or gel): R370

Additional Week
(4 weeks or more): R35

New Nail Repair
(acrylic or gel, per nail): R45

Repair with Fill
(acrylic or gel, per nail): R45

Gel Polish Nail Repair
(per nail): R35

Nails Removal

Soak / Buff Off (before new Gel Polish application): R55

Soak / Buff Off (before new Acrylic / Gel Overlay application): R75

Soak / Buff Off (nails done at a different salon): R120

Soak / Buff Off + Shape + Polish (clear or colour): R180

Body Massage

Foot Massage + Soak & Scrub NEW (30 min): R230

Indian Head / Scalp Massage (30 min): R300

Back + Neck Massage (30 min): R320

Back + Neck Massage (45 min): R370

Back + Neck Soy Candle Wax Massage (30 min): R350

Back + Neck Hot Stone Massage (30 min): R380

Full Body Massage (60 min): R460

Full Body Soy Candle Wax Massage (60 min): R500

Full Body Hot Stone Massage (60 min): R560

Purifying Back Treatment (60 min): R410

Hands + Feet

Manicure (45 min): R245

Pedicure (60 min): R305

Medi-Heel Treatment (Full Foot, Scrub + Massage, 30 min): R235

Hands + Feet Add-ons

With Manicure or Pedicure Only

Parrafin Wax (hands or feet): R110

Medi-Heel (heel, ball or foot): R120

Medi-Heel (entire foot): R160

Gel Polish Natural / Colour (light cured): R195

Gel Polish French (light cured): R220

Brows & Lashes

Brow Tint: R85

Lash Tint: R95

Lash + Brow Tint Combo:


Please let your Kalm experts know if you are taking any medication

Brow Shape: R85

Nose or Ear:



Sideburns: R130

Full Face
(Incl Brows): R260


Chest: R285

Under Arms: R140

1/2 Arms: R130

Full Arms: R18

Full Back: R310

Stomach: R170

Stomach Line: R110

Bikini (Women only): R150

Brazilian (Women only): R260

Hollywood (Women only): R310

1/2 Leg Wax: R195

3/4 Leg Wax:

Full Leg Wax:

Fingers or Toes:

1/2 Back Wax: R230

Facial Treatments

Kalahari™ Honeybush Facial: R270
Introductory Facial
30-minute introductory Facial, including Light Therapy, Skin Analysis, a Personalised Treatment Strategy & Product prescription.

Teen Go for the Glow Facial NEW: R350
45min teen facial treatment with Photon Light Therapy for clear & glowing skin.

Ultra Hydrating Facial: R420
Dry & Dehydrated Skin
An ultra hydrating treatment that combines Light Therapy & a Hyaluron Alginate Mask to lock in moisture & restore the natural barrier of the skin.

Pure Organic Vitamin C Facial: 420
All Skin Conditions
A naturally firming & brightening treatment rich in vitamin C & anti-oxidants. Combined with Light Therapy, this treatment will leave your skin rejuvenated.

Phytic Deep Cleansing Clay Facial: R450
Problematic Skin
A purifying treatment that combines Mandelic, Glycolic & Phytic acids together with Light Therapy & High frequency to effectively treats breakouts & blemishes, leaving the skin visibly clearer. (Includes Extractions) *Enquire about your own Hygiene Kit

Vitamin C Skin Renewal Facial NEW: R560
Pigmentation & Scaring
A deeply exfoliating & brightening Vitamin C treatment combined with Microdermabrasion & Light Therapy to improves skin texture & complexion.

De-Ageing Vita-Gel Facial: R610
Ageing Skin
A highly effective de-ageing treatment with a specialised Golden Shimmer mask, containing Alpha-Hydroxy acids & Peptides, combined with Radio Frequency Technology to eliminate fine lines &

Ultimate Vitamin C Booster Facial: R630
Photo-aged & Pigmented Skin
An ultra-firming & brightening Vitamin C treatment combined with Microdermabrasion & Radio Frequency Technology that will leave the skin visibly brighter, smoother, revitalised & radiant. *Purchase any Kalahari corrector or serum with any Vitamin C Facial + receive a complimentary Vitamin C Vial to create a super antioxidant homecare treatment.

Profesional Peeling Systems

Phyto Enzyme Compound Peel: R510
22% Application
The PEC Treatment is an effective cleansing & exfoliating treatment with Pumpkin enzyme & Glycolic
acid that unblocks pores leaving the skin visibly clear & brightened.

Glassglow AHA + Chemipeel: R520
A powerful chemipeel complex with Beta-Hydroxy & Alpha Hydroxy acids to boost dermal rejuvenation &
promote glowing skin. *ask about the 21 day Glassglow healthy skin Challenge

TCA Chemipeel Treatment: R530
8% or 12% Application
TCA Treatment will refine the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & pores & even out skin discolouration.

D-AGE 5 Chemipeel Treatment: R560
31% Application
This compound of D-AGE 5 will refine the appearance of fine line, wrinkles & pores & will visibly de-age the skin.

Facial Add-On Treatments

Hydrating Collagen Eye Patch: R65

Vitamin C Eye Zone Treatment: R130

High Frequency Treatment: R110

Extractions: R110

Radio Frequency Treatment: R170

Hyaluron Alginate Mask:

Dermal Solution Ampoule: R150

Hydrating Facial Paraffin Mask: R110

Laser Light Therapy: R160

Photon Light Therapy Mask: R160

Collagen Face Mask: R150

De-ageing Hand/arm Treatment (with PEC): R170

Neck + Décolleté Firming Treatment: R255

Microdermabrasion: R170

Nano Needling: R350

Micro Needling: R800
*Can only be added to specific treatments

Optiphi Facial Treatments

Optiphi Hydrate + Repair Facial: R690
Dry & Dehydrated Skin
This indulgent treatment targets redness, irritation & dehydration and is designed to deliver actives that soothe, nourish & bring balance.

Optiphi Firming Peptides Facial: R690
Ageing Skin
This indulgent treatment targets signs of ageing, sagging & lifelessness in the skin and is designed to deliver actives that boost collagen & elastin synthesis.

Optiphi Radiance Boost Facial: R690
Photo-aged & Pigmented Skin
This indulgent treatment targets dullness & uneven skin tone and is designed to deliver actives that exfoliates, brightens & protects the skin from further inflammatory pigmentation.

Optiphi Clarity Facial: R550
Problematic Skin
A gently exfoliating & deep cleansing treatment that focuses on balancing the skin barrier & microbiome. Ideal for oily & breakout prone skin. (Includes Extractions)
*Enquire about your own hygiene kit

Active Skin Rejuvenation Peels

Optiphi 25% Glycolic Acid Peel: R550

Optiphi 30% Glycolic Acid Peel: R600
Improve skin tone & texture, targets hyperpigmentation & premature ageing & promotes true skin rejuvenation.

Optiphi Active 30/30 Peel: R690
Targets indicators of inflammation, sun damage, pigmentation, & collagen synthesis. The 30|30 Peel consisting of 30% Glycolic Acid & 30% Ascorbic Acid.

Optiphi Retinol Peel: R955
Photo-ageing, acne & acne scarring, hyperpigmentation & age spots, &/or anyone wishing to improve their overall complexion. The Optiphi® Retinol Peel is an advanced doubleaction peeling treatment delivered by a combination retinol & bio-retinoids.

Optiphi Facials Add-On Treatments

Optiphi Complete Eye Serum: R110

Optiphi Complete Eye Mask: R170

High Frequency Treatment: R110

Extractions: R110

Radio Frequency Treatment: R170

Laser Light Therapy: R160

Photon Light Therapy Mask: R160

Microdermabrasion: R170

Optiphi Skin Supplement: R210

Optiphi Polyphenol Algae Mask: R250

Nano Needling: R450
(Optiphi Supplement)

Micro Needling: R900
(Optiphi Supplement)
*Can only be added to specific treatments


Includes a specialised skin specific mask

A minimally invasive treatment that effectively improves scars, wrinkles & photo-ageing. Micro injuries stimulates the body’s natural wound healing processes, resulting in cell turnover & increased collagen & elastin production, reversing & preventing signs of ageing.

Full Face
Single Treatment: R1010
3 Treatments: R2500 (Save R530)

Face & Neck
Single Treatment: R1220
3 Treatments: R2810 (Save R850)

Full Face, Neck & Décolleté
Single Treatment: R1440
3 Treatments: R3340 (Save R980)

Hair RestorationTherapy (New)

Optiphi’s Hair Growth Complex is designed for transdermal use through micro-needling & has shown promising results with minimal discomfort & recovery time. This patented supplement is an active ingredient blend, including Liposomal co-enzyme Q10 & Carnitine to activate repair mechanisms, in turn, stimulating healthy hair growth & reactivation of follicle stem cells.

Small Areas
Single Treatment: R800
Package of 3: R2200 (Save R200)
Package of 6: R3999 (Save R801)

Medium Areas
Single Treatment: R1320
Package of 3: R3650 (Save R310)
Package of 6: R6600 (Save R1320)

Large Areas
Single Treatment: R1850
Package of 3: R5080 (Save R470)
Package of 6: R8880 (Save R2200)

Kalm Body Treatments with Radio Frequency

Single Treatment: R300

5 Treatment Package: R1275 (Save R825)
(2 free detox
sessions included)

10 Treatment Package: R2450 (Save R1450)
(5 free detox
sessions included)

Cancellation Policy

We advise booking all appointments in advance, for the rest of the year to avoid disappointment.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy: 1/2 of treatment payable

Cancellation less that 1 hour notice: Full treatment payable

No Show Policy: Full treatment payable

T's & C's Apply:
Please be considerate with our time. Our services are based on time slots and this is our salary. Thank you for understanding


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